One of my favorite things that happened at Sunset Sessions Rock was called a “Bed-In”, with the performances in a resort suite. It wasn’t very “rock” which is probably why it was one of my favorite things, and I have a feeling they’ll do these from now on at the AAA Sunset Sessions in February.

Just a quick rewind, last week I’d been going non-stop. I went to three shows on Wednesday and then came home after 2 and worked online until about 5 am, caught a few hours sleep and then went up to Sunset Sessions with Tim Pyles, then came back in time for Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at the Casbah. After DEJJ, I went home to do the weekend listings until 7:30 am and slept until I was picked up at 10:30 for more Sunset Sessions, then returned by 8 for my showcase at Eleven. Naturally I enjoyed some cocktails and had planned on sleeping in on Saturday until Pyles asked if I wanted to go back to La Costa, so with just a few hours of sleep, it was back up to Sunset Sessions. There was a morning panel that Eric from SoundDiego was speaking on, “Maximizing Your Digital Space”, so we caught most of that and then moved to a suite overlooking center court where they’d set up Mexican catering (carnitas tacos in the morning are the BEST!!) and mimosas until the musicians performed. It was relaxing and while I was exhausted, I certainly felt privileged to be there.

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