Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions

For the past 15 years, music industry execs and top performers have been coming together for Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions – an industry event that benefits charities selected by a variety of artists. We’re excited to let you know that this year, for the first time ever, this illustrious event is open to the public, and you can get tickets by donating to the charities listed on their Pledge page.

The event will be held at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas on November 8-10, and you can get your tickets for each day for $25 or one three-day ticket for $75. We got our questions answered by Michele Clark herself.

When did you first get the idea to include fans of the band into the Sunset Sessions and open it up like this?

When I saw the beautiful Cosmopolitan Boulevard pool earlier this year I knew I wanted to showcase our artists there. But it was much too big a place for just our music industry attendees, so I decided it would be a great leap to invite the public to join in this new music discovery process and also benefit causes that the artists care about in the process.

After 15 years, there have to be a myriad of stories of breaking artists, but is there a single performance at Sunset Sessions that sticks out?

When Stevie Nicks joined Vanessa Carlton on stage completely unplanned – that was amazing! There are many other cool stories like that, too!

What about a favorite performance in recent memory – from the past one to two years?

Jimmy Cliff was just incredible, as was launching Fun – both in February. Richie Sambora doing “Dead or Alive” poolside in Palm Springs was pretty incredible, too.

How do you decide which artists will be involved in a year like this one?

Artists submit and we have a team of ears that we discuss each artist with and do our best to give every artist some sort of chance to be heard. That’s our mission, especially the young and independent artists who may not ever have a chance otherwise.

The roster is incredibly diverse. Is that a goal heading into planning the event?

Our February Sunset Sessions focuses on the Triple A format – adult rock artists like Jason Mraz, Melissa Etheridge and Jack Johnson, and the June Sunset Sessions is more rock- and alternative-based like Everclear, P.O.D., Dead Sara and Billy Corgan. This Sunset Sessions Vegas is multiformat, so specifically very diverse.

Aside from great music, are there other things fans can expect to experience at the event?

There are very special events for the Sunset Sessions attendees like the Santana up close and personal and the Stevie Nicks movie screening with Q&A, late night lounges and alumni jams, but for the fans the Boulevard Pool shows will be all about discovering new music and new artists while benefiting the causes artists care about.

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