Whether you make, play, sell, promote or just love music, the Sunset Sessions is your heaven-on-earth and this year ETonline got an all-access pass to all the fun and excitement at this year’s event. The Sunset Sessions is put on by CEO/Founder Michele Clark and features over 500 industry professionals gathered at the Hilton Oceanfront Resort in Carlsbad, California to scope out the next fleet of musicians taking over the music industry.

Leading the musical forces was Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Jeremy Messersmith, who tugged at attendee’s heartstrings with tracks off his newest album, Heart Murmurs.

“It’s a big chance to meet people and actually connect with them; people who work in radio or music supervisors and, above all, lots of other musicians and people you might want to jam with and make music with,” Messersmith says of the event.

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