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One of the more intriguing events coming up has a 17 year history. The Sunset Sessions boosted the early careers of such notable acts as The Black Keys and Jason Mraz. Industry vet Michele Clark has been curating the event for all those years, and has brought in legacy artists such as Stevie Nicks and Carlos Santana. The purpose of the gathering is for all players in the music business foodchain to rub shoulders. Attending will be record labels, radio station programmers, music supervisors, managers, agents and artists.
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This award (Sunset Sessions) will take precedence on the mantle
Jason Mraz /Sunset Sessions Alumni

The whole Sunset Sessions team, which we admire sooo much being that we are sooo women empowerment driven, have managed to create a safe place for artist to bring out their best musical talents in front of people who are instrumental to the breaking out an artist’s career, while making SS such a warm and fun experience much like a Camp you never want to leave! … just another example of how you give of your time to show how much you care… Charlotte Delamor

SS was a really well orchestrated machine & having the shows @bellyupmusic made it feel like a real night out watching great showcases. I found many new bands to play!
Gabriella D’Agostino / Music Choice

I finally met Gooding last week. We did an interview in Laguna and I love his positive message. Clark Graham IS my favorite undiscovered songwriter. Period. Both artists I discovered at Sunset Sessions!  Mookie /Kx93.5

The highlight of the night for me was Heaven’s Basement who I had heard their album but after seeing them live, I was a full blown fan. Once again I met some amazing people, saw some great friends, discovered some great new bands, and had a freaking blast doing it! Counting the days till next time…  Blando / WXNR

Where can radio and music lovers find the new IT group or artist that is going to blow up? Well I found the answer and I have three words for you… the Sunset Sessions.
Karla Escobar/ Entertainment Tonight

wasn’t sure if you were aware how much I’ve played Beware Of Darkness since I first saw them last June in Palm Springs, and continue to play “Howl” on my show. In addition, I really enjoyed Tyler Bryant too and have played his “Cold Heart” song on the show..The Carlos thing was so incredibly cool for me, thank you so much for making that happened, a career highlight for me for sure!  Jonathan Clarke / ClearChannel / I Heart Radio NYC

Added Beware of Darkness last week! Love the song! Love the band!!
Mike Karolyi / WCCC, Hartford, CT

This was possible because of you Michele! Thank you sooooo much. Bands just do not get this kind of opportunity to be seen in this magnitude and have their music heard. Sunset Sessions is a bands dream! Thank you.  Bill Crosson / Cheating Daylight

The kindness of Michele and every one at Sunset Sessions Vegas was just overwhelming. You continue to defy the ” How do they do that ” brigade with your amazing events, that truly allow the some of the best new musical talents to be heard and discovered.Music is about joy, passion and love and Sunset Sessions Distills those emotions into a single place and time.  Kenny Carrow / KDBB, St.Louis

Alpha Rev, Oh my gosh.Everyone. They played four songs from their new album and it was amazing.I can not wait to get their album on my desk. Trust me, your are not going to want to miss this one.
Karoline Kramer Gould / WJCU Cleveland

Interviewing Carlos Santana at Sunset Sessions was an all time career highlight for me. Thank you for everything you do!  Zeb Norris/WNCS Burlington

I immediately went home and Added Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.
Mookie / Kx93.5

KBZT San Diego just added it yesterday. Jeremy saw them at SS Rock and Kevin flipped over the song the first time he heard it.
Cheryl Valentine

Big fans of Tyler Bryant and JJAMZ now.We’ve done stuff with Alpha Rev in the past and will continue to do so Elliot Root was Great as well.
Paul Logan / VH1

Sunset Sessions VEGAS was the perfect platform to launch Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.
Mike Jacobs / Trauma 2

It was a good mix of music,Loved the kids from Cheating Daylight…move over Aerosmith.Really enjoyed Elliot Root, Faulker, JJAMZ, and Courrier. I’m a big Steve Earle Fan.
Diane Michaels / KPND, Spokane WA

Normally this time of year I would be wondering what’s out there to play to get station into first quarter of next year. Not now – I came back with a list of great stuff to get on the air! Cannot wait to play Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and The Nowherenauts and many more… Already having great response with Cheating Daylight, Jjamz, and Stellar Corpses. Courrier goes to heavy this week and Faulkner will show as an add as well. Getting to see Stevie Nicks and David Stewart offering advice to young musicians after watching their movie was amazing….Carlos Santana’s interview was fabulous…and Steve Earle!…Susanna Hoffs!… and on and on. I even got to walk down to the wedding chapel where we got married and send some pics home to my wife who was stuck with the kids while I was out having fun. All of this because you gather us and make our great jobs even better! Thank you so much for everything you do.
Brian Frank / KACV-FM

I’m dying right now!! I just wanted to thank you so much for these sessions. You’ve given me the opportunity not only to hear music we’ve ended up using in our shows/promos, but you’ve given me the chance to meet and hear from some of my biggest influences. It’s really such an honor.
Melyssa Hardwick / ABC

I found some great stuff…Faulkner Angels Landing ,Courrier (really liked them) and JJAMZ. I’m going to see what will work on Fox Sports.
Janine Kerr / Fox Sports

At a time when so many in both the record and radio businesses are living in the past or moping around, Michele Clark has figured out how to bring together radio programmers, artists, managers, music supervisors and record company people in a dynamic stew that re-energized my feelings about the music business again and gave me many ideas and contacts to use on behalf of my clients. The Sunset Sessions are the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
Danny Goldberg / President GoldVE Entertainment

Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions is the perfect reminder of what this business is all about…the music. It’s wonderful to be able to get away from all the distractions at the office and focus on the groups that will be this year’s stars.
Brian Hart formerly of WZEW

It was great. See(sunset sessions), I always think it’s going to be dreadful but it was wonderful.
Wayne Coyne

This is probably the best experience of my whole life.
Oria Aspen

It’s great, running into people we know and people we’ve just met. That’s what I love about it, meeting new and interesting people. Michele Clark is doing a great job.
Lucinda Williams

It’s a real community of people in the industry that care about the music” Livia Tortella Warner Bros

They need to see a face with the music, that’s what Michele taught me.
John Eddie

It’s intimate, it’s warm, it’s interactive. I am so happy to be a part of it.
Ben Fong-Torres

This is my first time at sunset sessions and im very impressed. If you get a chance to ever come and enjoy yourself down here I would take that oppurtunity.
Kevin Lyman, warped tour

This is like spring break for the music supervisor world. I look forward to it every year!.
Janine Kerr NBC

It gives us all an oppurtunity to figure out how to do it better. It works more affectively and efficiently for our artists, & get their art out there. So, we love Sunset Sessions.
Gene Rumsey Concord music group

I’m having a F***ing ball here. I’ve never seen a group of happier people. I didn’t go to my highschool reunion. This is what I’d assume it’d be like.

If you turn your head for five minutes you might miss the most fabulous and incredible music.The greatest discovery for me is taken to a movie. I’ve found many bands and music here that I’ve used in films and I’ve already done that actually today!
Bonnie Greensburg music supervisor

I love sunset sessions. family, and friends and musicians and artists and radio and music supervisors. We love em all! It’s good times.
Brian Corona

There are people here that are full of music, and full of the intention of releasing music. Full of intention of creating a better world because of the music. It’s been a grand time. YOU should be here!
Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith

I’ve heard alot of bands this weekend and I’m very excited about taking them back to the station. Thanks to Michele and to everyone at sunset sessions for bringing us all this music every year.
Dennis Constantine / KFOG San Francisco, CA

By the end… we were all ONE.
Jimmy Cliff

Well you did it again – bigger and better than ever before. Amazing job – you are a pioneer and I salute you!
Thomas G. Davis President, Davis Media, LLC

Sunset Sessions has not only made me a better radio person, but a little bit better person. I appreciate all the work and planning and dedication you and your tiny band of wizards put into this magical gathering.
Kenny Carrow / KDBB Park Hills, MO

Sunset Sessions was as magical as ever- I’m always amazed at what some of these top execs have to say, it’s very humbling and reminds me that the road is long!
Danielle Rosner (Alumni)

Amazin times down there Michele. Thanks for creating such a wonderful event.
Parker Ainsworth (Alumni)

This is the best music conference I’ve ever experienced. You truly care about artists. I wish I had a chance to meet you in person. I had so much fun and made many connections.
Jennifer Allison EXE Media Group

Thank you so much for having us – we all had a blast!!! Vintage Trouble and Parlotones were my favorites, and of course Bushwalla. U should be very proud of the event and all you’re doing for music and the world!
Jim Lindberg

You have been incredibly kind to me and to my artist and I will never forget that about you this week and the weeks of prep leading up to the event. I really appreciate you giving us the shot. We are proud to now be Sunset Sessions Alum! It was an unforgettable weekend!
Shiva Baum

What an amazing weekend! Congratulations on a fantabulous 15th Anniversary Sunset Sessions! Michele, you are truly James’ music fairy god-mother =)
Maria Morris

i couldn’t believe that a music industry event like that even existed and having experienced it firsthand, your commitment and vision really came through in a big way.
Chris Assaad

It is difficult to say no to Michele Clark and at the Sunset Sessions, she gathers an amazing mix of artists, radio folks and label execs who do what they are told and represent what is new and exciting in the A3 world.
Cliff Chenfeld / Razor & Tie

We keep that Sunset attitude all day long. Sunset Sessions is timeless, that’s what I’m trying to say. This is a timeless event, put on by a good friend Michele Clark- a hot lady of rock & roll. I’m very grateful to be here.
Jason Mraz

Thank you so much for another very successful Sunset Sessions. We came out of the performance with 3 big market radio adds and what is looking like a big Fox placement!
Isaac Heyman

Thanks for all of your efforts, and for taking such good care of us. This is important for/to these artists…and we that like to discover next generation music/bands.
Russell Ziecker / LIONSGATE

The performances were great and I discovered great music/artists. The GIVERS performance was stellar and sold me on getting the band into one of my upcoming video games. I am now licensing the band to be featured in the title.
Music Supervisor

My experience at Sunset sessions was amazing! Michele Clark and her crew are the ambassadors of cool. They treat their performers great and as a performer you also get the opportunity to witness amazing acts. I was in the front row for Sia, Black Dub and Katie Lang. Such an amazing time! Also on a networking standpoint, I left SS with a slew of new contacts. From music supervisors to radio personalities that came from all over. Through my first SS experience, I started to get played on local San Diego radio along with an opportunity to open for “Fitz and the Tantrums.
SS is well worth the time and there’s great food!!” -Bushwalla (Sonicbids Winner from 2011 Sunset Sessions)

One of the great frustrations of the music business is the failure to eliminate ‘silos’, and bring all influential segments together to create an effective community. Sunset Sessions is bringing together opinion leaders from radio, Film and TV music supervisors, record labels and New Media to share insight. Its most important goal is to remind all of us of our love for music. True artist development finds daylight every year at the Sunset Sessions.
Sky Daniels, Program Director KCSN / Los Angeles

Went to Sunset Sessions, two of the acts I saw and really thought were exceptional were Scars on 45 and Jason Spooner. Supported their records and still do – they did a show on the waterfront in Williamsburg in July that completely sold out and they had a blast – and want to come back – and I am totally about both bands whenever they produce a new single. I couldn’t ask to get more out of a conference! All the gospel truth! Most Superior convention ever!
Tom Davis – owner WTYD

It was always a pleasure dealing with Michele over the the 80s 90s and here in the 2lst century! She has been instrumental in turning radio programmers on to the best new acts! I As an ateendee at many of her “sessions” over the years, I heartily recommend to any programmer who is a “time management” freak–and wants to see as much new music as possible in the shortest amount of time–that you should attend this.
Mike Wolf formerly of KTCZ

Michele Clark is like The Oprah of the Music Industry.
Radio Station Owner

When someone was asking me if I am going to SXSW the other day, I said, Sunset Sessions is the only one I do. It is the best music conferences I’ve ever been to.
Janine Kerr NBC Universal

SSunset Sessions was such an enjoyable experience – an impressive convergence of amazing artists and industry professionals in a beautiful/laid-back setting, all in the spirit of music. Will definitely be back next year.
Angela Leus Director, Film Music

This was possible because of you Michele! Thank you sooooo much. Bands just do not get this kind of opportunity to be seen in this magnitude and have their music heard. Sunset Sessions is a bands dream! Thank you.
Bill Crosson / Cheating Daylight

Sunset Sessions was great exposure for our Artists GIVERS and Secondhand Serenade. It was a wonderful way for GIVERS and Secondhand Serenade to connect with Music Supervisors and Radio Programmers in an unique and relaxed setting.
Daniel Glass / Glassnote

Michele’s Sunset Sessions is one that I’m going to try and do every year. The connections I made w/ the programmers & other industry folks was taken to a new level. This event is not to be missed.
Phil Costello / Redlight Management

It was my first year attending and it was a fantastic event! I truly enjoyed meeting such amazing people while listening to kick ass music! One of my highlights was meeting Stevie Nicks.
Janine Scalise, Starz

Sunset Sessions is where music industry people who are still passionate about music gather.
Mark Goodman

Sunset Sessions is the only convention where 95% of the audience has the potential to break your band when they get home from the show.
Bill Armstrong / Side One Dummy

I can’t begin to tell you how inspiring and interesting it was to be a part of Sunset Sessions. I think we knew that we were in for something extraordinary when the first 2 people we saw when we walked in were Daniel Lanois and Brian Blade. Wow. Needless to say, it was incredible to hear Stevie Nicks and Mike Mills (2 seminal artists for me) talk about their new projects. The performances were also spectacular (the Wood Bros are one of my favorite bands… not to mention KD Lang, Iron & Wine, John Waite, etc.). Just amazing all around. I really can’t thank you enough for your willingness to give us a high profile shot as a relatively new band. We feel incredibly lucky to have been a small part of such a great event and I will never forget the opportunity that you extended to us.
Jason Spooner (Alumni)

It was quite simply the best experience I have ever had. I honestly feel like Charlie when he opened the candy bar and saw that golden ticket.
Kenny Carrow, KDBB

Great bands, great peeps, great time!
Jon Ernst, Music Supervisor

I have been telling everyone who has asked about Sunset Sessions how much I loved this gathering. I’ve been to so many of these things over the years (WEA conventions, NARM conventions, GAVIN seminars, the Boulder get together and on and on) but this really was different. There was a sense of camaraderie among attendees. It was intimate. It was at a first-rate location. I got to visit with so many programmers and artists (often at the same time!).
Tim Johnstone, KRVB

I wanted to let you know that the trip to San Diego has worked out great for many reasons. First and foremost the Staind CD premiere was amazing. Additionally I saw Dead Sara when I was there and they blew me away. Not only have I been listening to their CD non-stop since I got home but I have put “Weatherman” into rotation at WCCC. I am over 50 spins in and I am opening it up to all day parts today.
Mike Karolyi WCCC

Sunset Sessions Rock! was a complete music experience. I met some great people, saw some new artists, and even learned a few things. If you missed this year, don’t make the same mistake again!
John DeSantis KCXX- Riverside / San Bernardino, CA

More than any other music conference, Sunset Sessions tries to get emerging bands in front of the people who can really help their careers, not just a bunch of people roaming around Austin. We have to be invested in new artists becoming successful or none of us will be working.
Geoff Siegel Fundamental Music

Sunset Sessions Rock combined all the elements of a great conference- useful sessions on PPM and Mobile strategy, great bands, and a breathtaking San Diego backdrop.
Jay Nachlis WBBB Raleigh

I came back from Sunset Sessions Rock! with a list of new contacts, a bag of great new artists to play, a head full of new ideas, and a hangover. It was exactly what rock needed!!
Blando WXNR New Bern NC

Having been to many conferences around the world, we really enjoyed The Sunset Sessions’ professional, high quality yet laid back and intimate vibe.
Andres Mendoza, Alex Cuba’s manager

It’s my favorite industry event by far. I always learn a few things, discover some cool new music to play and get to say hey to some old friends and make some new ones.
Matt Cooper, WVOD

Amazing experience all around! How Michele is able to get so many industry “heavy hitters” in one place at the same time is a mystery to me, but she does it! Got to see people I rarely get to see, met a lot of new people, saw tons of great live music, learned a thing or two, and walked away with many memories. Definitely a must attend for future years!
Paul Jarvis WBOS, Boston

Sunset Sessions was an amazing experience for me. I met some really great artists and hopefully will be able to work with them on future Fox promos.
Mamie Coleman / Fox

Finally, a place to recognize that rock music is alive and well.
Alternative Radio Programmer

Social networking sites Twitter and Facebook were abuzz over the weekend as Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora performed Saturday at the Sunset Sessions in advance of the release of his new solo effort, ‘Aftermath Of The Lowdown’…. Sambora’s appearance at the industry-only soiree no doubt begins the promotion of his highly anticipated record in earnest. Sunset Sessions, founded by music industry wonder woman Michele Clark, is a promotional vehicle for new and established artists to get their music in front of the undercover bosses of the business: the very people who respond to the who respond to the quality of the music…
The Examiner

Sunset Sessions was beautiful, educational and raucous. Loved it!
Cheryl Valentine/Reprise

We are all exhausted!! Which also means we had an EXCELLENT time this weekend.
Haley Jones, KPRI

Sunset Sessions, not to be missed.
Bill Leopold

Thank you so much for such a wonderful opportunity. Sunset Sessions was a great success.
Bushwalla (sonic bids winner Sunset Sessions Alumni)

The music was fantastic, the weather perfect & the company wonderful. I love Sunset Sessions!
Bob Sinclair owner Sinclair Broadcasting

I had a blast!! What a cool event!!!
Chuck Bein, See Music

Thanks for providing one of those great things that listeners can’t buy. Those are the best promotions for stations.
Brad Dolbeer, KINK

What a fabulous event –k.d. lang to Iron&Wine…R.E.M…ANDREW ALLEN (WOW!) EmilyHearn…SIA…(Stevie Nicks tomorrow) & even meditation and yoga! & fresh real deal talent – ideas & brainstorming – friends, biz, stimulation & mindblowing fun! don’t EVER want to miss this!
JoAnn Kepler, Broadcast Architecture

Sunset Sessions Rock! was another amazing event that opened my eyes and ears to new artists with great music that will undoubtedly now find their way into my TV and film projects.
Music Supervisor

Sunset Sessions is a great way to expose your artists to not only the radio world, but to some of the biggest music supervisors out there.
Tommy DeBenendictis Sony / RED

Sunset Sessions Rock was amazing. Great people, a great place, and something our format has needed for a long time…
Nik Rivers WZNE / WFKL Rochester NY

Sunset Sessions Rock! ROCKED! It was great to put faces with names and to meet a ton of new people in the industry that I hadn’t met before. KILLER panels too! I’ll be back next year FOR SURE!
DZL WEND- Charlotte, NC

One of the best weekends ever! For realz.
Parker Ainsworth- performer from SS 2011

What you do, and what you did in San Diego is extraordinary, I’m beyond impressed!.
Katie Speirs, KTAO

It was pretty damned fun! great music & great people.
Rev Keith Coes WRLT

Triple A has always been about diversity and discovery, both on the music and radio sides, including stations regardless of market size or dial position Through its evolution, Sunset Sessions has come to represent everything that is inclusive about Triple A.
FMQB VP / Triple A Jack Barton

It was truly special… We love Bascon Hill and got turned onto The Zac Brown….. As always, you guys have picked some incredible talent.
Jonathan Platt Music Supervisor

What a truly amazing weekend! Thank you all for making it so incredible. KOPEK was blown away by every single detail and was praising all things SS!
Elias Chios / Religion Music Group

What an INCREDIBLE line-up of talent! Daniel and I were impressed by the quality of musicianship represented and thankful to have been “turned on” to some great music. The panel discussions were extremely interesting and informative…
Megan Doheny / Recording Academy

I had a blast, saw some great bands, saw some great panels and hung out with a lot of cool people. I have had a lot of people (radio and label) people ask me about it and I told them they missed out!!!
Mase Brazelle / WKZQ Myrtle Beach, SC

It was an absolute honor to work with you all on this inaugural Sunset Sessions Rock!
Mike Bacon / FMQB

Sunset Sessions was a combination of party and profession that’s hard to beat. The members of the music community reached out to each other in a way that helped build all brands.
Artist Manager

Great environment, amazing people and awesome music. Good networking and discovery of music from bands that will surely be breaking big in my market now!
Radio Programmer

I drank with Kopek, talked hoops with Raine Maida, heard the new Staind record, reconnected with old friends & made new ones. Good times…good times, indeed.
Alternative Radio Programmer

It was not only a great time for me personally, but from a professional stance… it was a great learning and networking opportunity. Not to mention…the music was incredible!
Zigz, WBUZ Nashville

“I have had great success with launching independent artists at the AAA Sunset Sessions and I am thrilled that there is now the same opportunity for Rock Banks with Sunset Sessions Rock!
Bob Divney / VP Marketing & Promotion / Carved Records

Michele and her staff made everything perfect- down to the last detail! All I had to do was show up and immerse myself in new music while hanging out in a little paradise.
Brian Frank, KACV-FM

In the cast panoply of human history, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Flight of Apollo 13, nothing eclipses in magnificence & significance this Sunset Sessions musical getaway. I am privileged to be an eyewitness to history.
Bob Hughes, owner of KPRI

Our phones have been ringing off the hook since performing in San Diego at your Sunset Sessions.
Crowfield (Alumni)

Thank you for being an excellent host. You know how to throw a great party, conference and spiritual retreat in one!
Lynn Grossman (Music Supervisor)

These programmers not only know real music when they hear it, they genuinely like it! Our artists are in good hands. Michele, thanks for assembling such a great array of music and music minded.
Russell Carter artist Manager

This is the best possible way to showcase a performer. No other event creates such a positive, attentive environment in which a young act can show best what they can do. Once again the best event!
Mike Mullaney WBMX

Michele created the perfect event for us to enjoy together as a format family.
Fred Buc WRLT

Passion, Enthusiasm and Support! The passion that the format has to embrace the artists! The enthusiasm that the attendees have for the performances! The support of all-from radio, trades, labels and of course the Michele Clark crew- is unparalleled!!!!
Brian Corona, Atlantic Records

Because of Sunset Sessions, we are in the process of cultivating relationships with so many people in the industry that wouldn’t have been possible without you.
Gina Saracino for Stand

I had an absolute blast and found some great new music.
Chris Jackson E Entertainment

We’re honored to work with you on both events and look forward to helping you to create the very best platform for the artists to showcase their music moving forward! You’re awesome!!!!
Marianne Goode – Liftetime Networks Music Supervisor and found of All Music Media Group

Kopek and AWOLNATION and One Less Reason – I added all of them after seeing them at SSR! Will consider next OLR single soon…
Zigz / WBUZ Nashville

I really enjoyed Sunset Sessions Rock. All the bands were really good but in my opinion the one stood out above the rest is Dead Sara. I was hooked as I just happened to hear their sound check. I was so impressed I asked for a CD & have yet to take it out of my car. I have been listening to the Dead Sara CD non-stop over 2 months. Their performance at Sunset Sessions was powerful. I knew as soon as I saw them that I would be putting their music on the air at WCCC. I have been playing “Weatherman” since June and have nearly 100 spins so far. The song is getting strong requests!
Mike Karolyi / WCCC Hartford

We were not a fan of the Redlight King single at all. I would have never gone to see them on my own, but after seeing them at SSR I realized I was wrong. They sound NOTHING like the single which was a very pleasant surprise. They were also on the AWOL show we had here last week & based on me seeing them at SSR, we added the first single even though we weren’t crazy about it, because I knew they were much more than that 1 song.
Mase / WKZQ Myrtle Beach

Great music, great people, great place and such great times! Sunset Sessions has been a fantastic place to come across some new music, see larger artists perform new tunes and classics. Also, it’s a good place to hang with all the radio people, music supervisors, artists and managers.
Chris Mollere / Music Supervisor

Sunset Sessions has once again exceeded my expectations. Getting the opportunity to see, hear and meet such amazing talent in such a relaxed environment invariably yields great results.
Kevin Edelman / Metal Man

2010 was my first sunset sessions. I had a blast, heard some great new music and met a bunch of new people to reach out to when I’m looking for music for the commercials I work on.
Chuck Bein, See Music

Since returning from Sunset Session Rock! I have put MANY of the bands I saw there in our specialty programming. These bands include: Kopek, The Givers, KO, One Less Reason, Drive A, Awolnation & more. I have also put in music from some reps I met while I was out there. As an example: I met David Jacobs from Fearless Records and now spend time talking to him on a weekly basis about music. We have played one of his bands and are excited about some upcoming projects they are working on. I am supporting a show coming up here in Charlotte from One Less Reason as well. You let me know when and where and I am definitely back at SSR in 2012!
DZL / WEND, Charlotte, NC

Had an amazing time at Sunset Sessions Rock!. Was impressed with so many bands that weekend. But the one that absolutely blew me away the most was Kopek. Had seen them a couple months earlier when they passed through town. But in San Diego… they OWNED! I mean they didn’t look like a band trying to impress label & radio people. They looked like Rock Stars! We’ve since been on their 2nd song, ‘Love Is Dead’, which is doing very well for us. Already salivating @ White Collar Lies being released. That song should tear it up with our soldiers on Fort Drum! Keep Rocking!
Lancer / WOTT & The Fox / Watertown, NY

Sunset Sessions is a fun weekend for Music Supervisors to catch up and discover great music together. The bands have our attention – once we see the bands that have synergy with our projects, we don’t forget, and that’s good for everyone. It’s a great chance to connect directly with the artists and an event that we look forward to all year!
Tricia Holloway / Path 2 Music

Set in such a beautiful location away from distraction, this year’s Sunset Sessions was a unique and rewarding way to not only discover amazing up and coming talent, but also get to hang out with the artists themselves. It’s all low stress and a super fun environment. The relationships built here are invaluable to what we do.
Oliver Hild / NBC

I love being able to see a bunch of artists/bands play all in one fantastic location. Sunset Sessions makes it easy to hear new music. It gives great exposure to talent that deserves that extra bit of attention.
Kasey Truman / Chop Shop

I feel like I accomplished more with radio folks on the beach then at any panel or session meeting ever. Pete Yorn was my biggest surprise.
Rob Bleetstein

Sunset Sessions… it’s overwhelmingly amazing. I’m surrounded by fame.

Michele Clark, I love her. If I was to ever be a woman, an amazing human being- I would want to be her.

I was pleasantly surprised at the seriousness of Sunset Sessions. Taking attendance at the musical performances blew me away.
Daniel Glass

Press Quotes:

Needtobreathe worked hard, they have toured and toured, and everything has kind of come together for them. And we launched all this from Sunset Sessions,” said Brian Corona, director of national promotions for Atlantic Records. “Would they have gotten there anyway? Maybe. But it all came together there. Sunset Sessions was the catalyst.
To San Diego Union

We get to meet the artists and we get to see them perform, which allows to get a sense of whether or not our audience in San Diego will respond,” Bob Hughes, owner of KPRI said to the San Diego Union “We get so smitten with some of the artists, we can’t wait to get them on the radio or in front of our listeners for a KPRI event.

Jason Mraz had a barbecue at his house and studio at Sunset Sessions 2008 and invited the attendees to listen to the premiere of (the album) ‘We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. Those programmers were the first to embrace his song ‘I’m Yours,’ and they became the first of four pop-radio formats in America to take the song to No. 1 with their listeners. Jason even had the chance to take a few of the programmers out surfing while they’ve visited San Diego.
Bill Silva to San Diego Union

“Like American Idol but without the fluff and commercials, Sunset Sessions shines a light on undiscovered talent. Last year, The Zac Brown Band opened the three-day event, then went on to win the Grammy for best new artist.
San Diego Magazine

Isaac Heymann credits the band’s initial success to Mike Karolyi, program director for Connecticut radio station WCCC. “We did ‘The Sunset Sessions’ and all we said was we wanted to come out with one program director that wants to add the record,” he said. “Mike Karolyi ran up to me, freaking out. He saw them soundchecking (at La Costa) and said, ‘What the hell is that? I’ve never heard anyone sing like that before.’ … I gave him an advance copy of the CD. He went back, started playing ‘Weatherman’ on his radio station and said 100% of the feedback was positive. And it took off from there. from Billboard Magazine.

When Jason Mraz launched his third album in 2008 at a private music industry retreat in San Diego, he had no idea it would lead to him scoring several hit singles, including his ubiquitous “I’m Yours,” followed by his first two Grammy Awards. But the multimillion-selling Oceanside singer-songwriter and his record company credit Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions, with building momentum for Mraz in a major way.
San Diego Union

Here today, everywhere tomorrow. That is the goal of Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions, a music-business retreat … helped launch the careers of Jason Mraz and such Grammy winners as the Zac Brown Band and the Black Keys brings the musicians to the industry insiders who help bring the music to the rest of us.
San Diego Union

…in a move that separates these showcases from sprawling events like the South-by-Southwest convention in Austin, Texas and the CMJ Music Marathon confab in New York City, the Sunset Sessions folks take attendance. And attendance is mandatory. When the South Carolina group Needtobreathe came to Sunset Sessions in 2007, the band members had a second album on the way and not much buzz to speak of. A memorable performance led to radio-station interest and nibbles from music supervisors. More albums followed, along with placement in multiple commercials. And now, Needtobreathe is the opening act for Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour.
San Diego Union

Our first Sunset Sessions Rock was a total success! Participants and attendees bathed in the SoCal sunshine and soaked up new sounds, made new friends and vowed to return.
Mike Parrish / MX2

This unique event offers new and established artists the opportunity to perform for select AAA radio programmers from around the country, as well as high-profile music supervisors, and provides them intimate exposure to key people in the industry. What makes this conference so cool is that it’s really music driven; each meal and evening centers around artist/band showcases. The Chapter would like to extend a special thanks to the event’s founder and producer, Michele Clark, for inviting us to participate in Sunset Sessions and for all the fantastic music showcased throughout the events.
The Recording Academy

Sunset Sessions, founded by music industry wonder woman Michele Clark, is a promotional vehicle for new and established artists to get their music in front of the undercover bosses of the business: the very people who respond to the quality of the music and the artists themselves.
The Examiner

If a weekend showcase of 55 artists and bands is any indicator, music is in healthy shape. The 15th annual Sunset Sessions … allowed emerging and already-there artists to strut their stuff in front of several hundred radio programmers of the “Triple A” format and music supervisors from film and TV production studios. It was a dazzling, almost nonstop three days and nights of shows, lunches and dinners (which included showcases), a few panels and more shows.
San Francisco Chronicle

Atlantic Records has had a lot of success at Sunset launching new artists or relaunching established artists,” Corona said. “We launched James Blunt, one of Jewel’s albums and the band Need to Breathe, which just toured with Taylor Swift. I’d worked to bring Need to Breathe to Sunset, since there were a lot of people who hadn’t seen the band perform yet, and it made all the difference in the world. “I’ve been in this business since 1983, and I’m very grateful Michele Clark established this for people to connect with new artists. There’s nothing else like it.
From San Diego Union

How important is Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions to Jason Mraz? So important that the Grammy Award-winning Oceanside troubadour flew to San Diego from New York Friday in order to perform Saturday afternoon at the 15th anniversary edition of Mraz flew in from the Big Apple (where he sang on “Late Night with David Letterman”), even though New York is closer to the United Arab Emirates, where he flies to Monday to perform at the 10th annual Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival. It was Mraz’s third visit in the past to Sunset Sessions since 2008. For Patrick Pocklington, who co-manages Mraz with former San Diego concert promoter Bill Silva, the singer-songwriter’s decision to return to Sunset Sessions this year was a no-brainer. “He started right here with ‘I’m Yours’ four years ago and he really wanted to come back, so he flew in from New York
Pocklington said

Michele Clark is a one woman show. This Angeleno has helped unknown talents thrive and flourish in the music business for years with her successful creation Sunset Sessions.
The Examiner

Some much older ones:

The Adult Rock format’s leading music showcase just gets better and better. Thanks to Michele, the labels, managers and, most of all, the artists.
Bob Hughes, owner of KPRI

The music showcases were amazing. Watching the sunset serenaded by Jonatha Brooke is an experience I’ll always remember! Michele put together a wonderful event.
Dennis Constantine KFOG (at KINK at the time, now KFOG)

It was one of the best weeks of my life!
Jody Denberg (formerly of KGSR)

Without a doubt the most flawlessly executed band showcases I’ve ever witnessed. BEST EVENT EVER!!
Mike Mullaney WBMX

What a pleasure to spend time with colleagues and to hear great music in a relaxed atmosphere. I came back to work with the scoop on new bands and with a deeper appreciation and fondness for many of the wonderful people that are part of the Triple A format.
Barbara Dacey WMVY

A great opportunity to let the music speak for itself.
Dean Kattari

The vibe of the weekend represented everything that’s positive about our community.
John Schoenberger, All Access

Sunset Sessions is first class all the way! Nothing but the best!
Marie McAllister

Whenever I feel disillusioned about the music business, I’ll go back & remember this weekend.
Mike Younger (SS Alumni)

When Michele was young, she used to chase bands around. Now Michele’s a little older and the young bands are chasing her around.
John Eddie (SS Alumni)

This is the greatest ways for us MDs to get a sneak preview of the up & coming talent which might be appropriate for our stations in a non-hype atmosphere. Last year we ended up adding so many of the Sunset Sessions artists, knowing full well they could deliver the goods live at station sponsored events!
Mike Wolf formerly of KTCZ

The music is obviously the killer thing & it’s also nice to be able to actually spend time w/ the labels & PDs without a million other distractions. And nothing beats this atmosphere.
Michelle Wolfe KMMS

With all the live bands we bring to the station, this event is invaluable for us…
Fred Constant station owner

It’s about passion, isn’t it? In the eyes of the artist I interviewed, in the commitment from my radio cohorts I got to hang with, the label people, the trade people, the management people I got to meet at Sunset Sessions… thanks, Michele for assembling everyone in such a beautiful place, for reminding us that there’s still passion in the music!
Bruce Howard station owner

I’m going to play this piano and they’re all gonna hate me- oh well!
Ryan Adams (SS Alumni)

There is a time and a place for everything, Sunset Sessions is pretty much everything
George Taylor Morris formerly of WBOS & Sirius XM

The Sunset Sessions are by far one of the best hangs in the industry…Michele is getting radio people to see music in a unique setting in a unique way. Just $!@%&*!~ing incredible.
Bruce Warren WXPN

Please know you are appreciated and revered in the Donohu household. Getting to bond with the great minds, the great personalities, hear the BEST of the best music every year keeps us in touch and in tune. We are balls to the wall 362 days out of the year practicing what we learn at Sunset Sessions
Doug and Dori Donohu KLRR

Sunshine, tan lines, beers with limes, Dacey broke the bottle, I broke the lamp, and Coulter reeled in the big one. Mother of babbling Jesus, that was fun!!
Keefer KBCO

The most valuable music gathering is right here. Completely enjoyed the atmosphere & the music.
Kevin Welch (formerly of KMTT and KINK)

This trip was the best radio/industry trip I have ever taken.
Harry Reynolds, formerly of KTHX

This is the best industry event I’ve been to.
John Fagot

This is the best damn hang in the industry!
Chris Stacey, Warner Brothers

I feel like I accomplished more with radio folks on the beach then at any panel or session meeting ever. Pete Yorn was my biggest surprise.
Rob Bleetstein

Sunset Sessions is by far the best trade show ever. I was able to have 3 different conversations with John Ondrasik from FFF.. I got to talk to these artists with unlimited time.
Donna Shaeib formerly of KPRI

hanging with the elite programmers and record people in the format…serenaded by the best of the newest artists while a tropical breeze blows across the patio…it was literally a weekend in paradise.
Paul Shugrue formerly of WKOC

Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions is, without a doubt, the best showcase I’ve ever attended.
Alexandria Inzer


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